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Shoe Lift Prescription

A heel lift, also called a shoe lift, is a firm heel insert used in the one or both shoes for conditions where increasing the functional length of a leg makes sense.

A heel lift is often the best way to balance the position of the pelvis and lower back to reduce pain and avoid degenerative changes. Leg length differences are strongly linked to lower back and leg problems caused by unbalanced mechanical stress. Bill Gallagher take a pragmatic view of the use of heel lifts, and has extensive clinical experience indicating that heel lifts have a place in the treatment of leg length differential causing lower back pain and other problems for many patients. Here is an ARTICLE on treating leg length discrepancy. The use of heel lifts can cause side-effects and it is important to address any alignment issues that may be mimicking a true leg-length inequality as an innapropriate lift could make these alignment issues worse.

A lift can often provide: * Low Back Pain Relief * Pelvic Pain Relief * Leg (Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot) Pain Reduction * Improved Gait after Stroke (CVA) * Gait Correction for Runners * Relief from Achille’s Tendon Problems, * Scoliosis Curve Decrease

Bill Gallagher prescribes shoe lifts to address leg length inequality, short leg syndrome, long leg syndrome, leg length discrepancy and other structural asymmetries to reduce pain and improve gait function.

Bill's holistic physical therapy practice is located in New York City (NYC). He sees patients in his office (Upper West Side) and makes housecalls on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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