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Fall Prevention

Yoga Therapy

Yogic can prevent & treat structural misalignment, address physiological and emotional imbalance and ease pain & suffering. This discipline systematically uses breath and movement to strengthen, stretch and stabilize the muscular-skeletal system, enhance respiratory rhythms, improve circulation, balance internal physiology and emotions and target the body's natural recuperative energies. While Tai Chi and Qigong help one learn to stabilize the joints in a neutral & functional position, Hatha Yoga works "wring out" the body facilitating cleansing and tonification. Neither prior experience with Yoga nor flexibility is required for one to benefit from this work. Some of the exercises can even be practiced with people with significant disabilities like quadriplegia or tetraplegia. Elite performers like musicians and athletes also find that yoga helps improve skill by freeing the joints and breath. In addition to structural and functional enhancement, the mental benefits of yoga can include a sense of relaxation that permeates life "off the mat". See also Restorative Yoga