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Tailbone Pain

The one muscle group attaches to the tailbone is called the pelvic floor. This hammock shaped sheet of muscle is often elusive and may seem beyond our conscious control. Yet, often, by bringing awareness, strength and suppleness to these muscles, tailbone pain can be alleviated. Bill Gallagher uses low-tech, non-invasive techniques from Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Feldenkrias and conventional rehab therapies, to treat tailbone pain. He also provides manual therapy drawn from osteopathy, Tuina, myofascial release, deep tissue massage and internal tailbone manipulation to address structural issues that may perpetuate pain. Bill helps his patients understand key anatomy, pathology, pain mechanisms, physiology, kinesiology of the pelvic floor and their interrelationship with mind-body energetics. By bridging East & West, and addressing mind & body, tailbone pain can be alleviated.

Bill Gallagher, holistic physical therapist in New York City (NYC) treats tailbone pain with skill and sensitivity. He sees clients at his office on 88th and Broadway and makes house calls to Upper East Side and Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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