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Spondylosis is degenerative arthritis of the joints between the spinal vertebrae. When the space between two adjacent vertebrae narrows, compression of a nerve root emerging from the spinal cord may result in radiculopathy. Less commonly, direct pressure on the spinal cord may result in global weakness, gait dysfunction, loss of balance, and loss of bowel and/or bladder control. The patient may experience a phenomenon of shocks (paresthesia) in hands and legs because of nerve compression. Lower back spondylosis is labeled lumbar spondylosis.

Holistic Physical therapy is effective for flexibility, and core strengthening. Manual therapies that decompress the spine also help alleviate pain. Tai Chi, Yoga and Feldenkrais help improve postural awareness to perpetuate pain relief.

Bill Gallagher PT, CMT, CYT integrates East and West to treat spondylosis in New York City (NYC)

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