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Pelvic Pain

The pelvic floor is comprised of muscles that are often elusive and seem beyond our conscious control. Yet, the perineum and the pelvic girdle are an integral driving force behind most human function. By bringing awareness, strength and suppleness to these muscles, people can alleviate or lessen pain, breathe more efficiently and increase sexual fulfillment. Bill Gallagher uses low-tech, non-invasive techniques that draw from Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Feldenkrias, Osteopathic Work including Myofascial relaease & Muscle Energy Technique, and conventional rehab therapies, to treat pelvic pain.

Bill helps his patients understand key anatomy, pathology, pain mechanisms, physiology, kinesiology of the pelvic floor and their interrelationship with mind-body energetics and chakra system. By bridging East & West, and addressing mind & body Bill Gallagher, based in New York City (NCY) has an excellent "track record" treating pelvic pain.

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