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Motivation Deficits

Bill Gallagher, holistic physical therapist based in New York City (NYC), learned early in his career that it was possible for him to know the precise exercise for a particular client to do and just the right manual therapy to offer and still be of little help to that client if he was unable to help them find the motivation to do the exercise and to "show up" (as Woody Allen puts it). Over 20 years he has developed an approach to motivation that has win over some of the toughest cases. A big part of this approach is for him to understand the beliefs that stifle motivation. Examples of beliefs that hamper motivation include:

  • I am too old to benefit from exercise (this is never the case-study after study refutes this assertion)
  • I am not the "type" to exercise (this limiting self concept is best to let go of as there can be no objective reality in it)
  • I don't have time (therapies that improve function and comfort give us time in our lives to do things we care about)

Bill addresses these beliefs with compassion and clarity to enhance quality of life.

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